Water Sampling / Inspections

If you have been advised by a qualified water hygiene consultant to sample water or inspect certain parts of your water system on a regular basis, RM can help. With our team of competent technicians on the road every day, we are the perfect partner to keep you informed and up-to-date with your written scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered the common questions we get asked about this service

Can I carry out Water Hygiene Inspections & Sampling myself?

Yes, you can perform your own water hygiene inspections and sampling, however the law states the assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’. This means it must be carried out by a competent person i.e. somebody with sufficient training, qualifications and experience. The advantages to using external consultants are numerous:

  • Knowledge of the latest water regulations and legislation
  • Competent person
  • Saving time and money
  • Reduce risk of prosecution if something is missed by doing it yourself
  • Guaranteed provision of a suitable and sufficient assessment
  • Responsibility for the provision of a compliant assessment lies with the external consultancy

Which areas do you cover?

We are based in the West Midlands, but our assessors work nationwide. The majority of our work is in London, Birmingham and Manchester, however we look after our clients’ properties all over the UK, including the Channel Islands and Ireland.

How much does a Water Hygiene Inspections/Sampling cost?

Dependent on the size and location of the building, our water hygiene Inspections/sampling can start from just £50.

How often should I review my Water Hygiene Sampling/Inspections?

You need to review your Water Hygiene Risk Assessment regularly and specifically when there is reason to believe that the original risk assessment may no longer be valid. You should also review management and communication procedures as appropriate.


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We will provide

A Water Hygiene Inspection/Sampling Report

Water Hygiene Risk Assessment

A PDF and Web report with recommendations

Free access to BLOCK7.

Water Hygiene Risk Assessment Software

Water Hygiene Management Software to assist in ongoing risk management

One Hour’s Free Consultancy

Experts in Legionella Risk Assessment

Support for each and every risk assessment

Our Process


Fire Risk Assessment Consultancy

TTo assist in your understanding of health and safety requirements, we will identify hazards on site and, for each one, we will determine how well we believe you are currently complying with health and safety standards through observation, evaluation of documentation and discussion.


BAFE Fire Risk Assessment Validation

For quality assurance, RM has a two stage validation process for each and every audit that is published. First the report is verified by the assessor that carried out the assessment, and secondly the respective Department Head reviews and validates the report before publishing to the client.


BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Consultancy

To help you to actively manage your risks, RM publishes all of its assessment reports to BLOCK7 where, amongst other things, you will be able to view and download static and dynamic PDF reports. In addition, you can view and search risks according to the categorisation of Intolerable, Substantial and Moderate, or Monitor & Review with Traffic Light methodology.