Fire Strategy

For a new commercial building to be approved by building control, the design should incorporate a suitable fire safety strategy.

The fire safety strategy should be specifically tailored to your building and cover the necessary aspects of fire safety under The Building Regulations. The main guidance document to be followed is Approved Document B Volume 2, however our fire engineers also use the performance-based code of practice, BS 9999. RM Risk Management can ensure a strategic approach to meet your fire strategy needs.

Our team of Chartered Fire Safety Engineers have a wealth of experience delivering cost effective and compliant fire strategies to buildings of all sizes, no matter what development stage they are at.

We don’t just deliver a fire strategy, we continue to work with the client to smooth the path through the approvals process, and to provide continuing support in resolving any fire issues that may arise in implementing the fire safety measures right through the construction process.

A fire strategy can be a desk-based exercise and a site meeting may not always be necessary, meaning we are easily able to help out any business from our Birmingham or London offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered the common questions we get asked about this service

What aspects does a fire strategy report from RM cover?

A fire safety strategy from RM Risk Management will ensure that your building will comply with the functional requirements on fire safety given in The Building Regulations, and will incorporate our value-engineering solutions. The functional requirements are:

  • Means of warning and escape
  • Internal fire spread (linings)
  • Internal fire spread (structure)
  • External fire spread
  • Access and facilities for the fire services

I don’t have a fire strategy for my existing building, do I need one?

A fire strategy acts as the bible for a building’s fire safety measures and consolidates all the building information into one simple report. Any questions surrounding fire safety for the building can usually be answered by consulting the strategy. However, fire strategies often go missing or get lost during a building’s sale or changeover of management.

A fire strategy is not strictly a legal requirement for an existing building, but from a safety perspective it is ideal to have one. We often produce fire strategies retrospectively for our clients or update existing strategies. This ensures the building has a suitable document showing the information that need not be included in a typical fire risk assessment.

What information do I need to get a fire strategy from RM?

In order to work on a fire strategy, we need as much information as possible. This usually stems from floor plans. We will need to-scale plans showing elevations, cross-sections and site boundaries.

If you need help producing plans for a site, RM can assist with this.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in the West Midlands, but our engineers work nationwide. The majority of our work is in London, however we look after our clients’ properties all over the UK, including the Isle of Man and Ireland.

How much does a fire strategy cost?

A fire strategy can be a time-consuming exercise for a fire engineer. A fire strategy may take anything up to 7 working days to produce. Every fire strategy is different and therefore priced on request.

If you have any further questions then please contact us today.

We will provide

A Fire Strategy Document

BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment

A PDF and Web report with recommendations

Free access to BLOCK7.

Water Hygiene Risk Assessment Software

Fire Safety Management Software to assist in ongoing risk management

One Hour’s Free Consultancy

Experts in Legionella Risk Assessment

Support for each and every risk assessment

Our Process


Fire Risk Assessment Consultancy

To assist in your understanding of health and safety requirements, we will identify hazards on site and, for each one, we will determine how well we believe you are currently complying with health and safety standards through observation, evaluation of documentation and discussion.


BAFE Fire Risk Assessment Validation

For quality assurance, RM has a two stage validation process for each and every audit that is published. First the report is verified by the assessor that carried out the assessment, and secondly the respective Department Head reviews and validates the report before publishing to the client.


BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Consultancy

To help you to actively manage your risks, RM publishes all of its assessment reports to BLOCK7 where, amongst other things, you will be able to view and download static and dynamic PDF reports. In addition, you can view and search risks according to the categorisation of Intolerable, Substantial and Moderate, or Monitor & Review with Traffic Light methodology.