Outsource your COVID-19 Risk Assessment here

COVID-19 Risk Assessments can be a daunting prospect for many companies.

Outsource your COVID-19 Risk Assessment here with RM’s new COVID-19 Risk Assessment Service.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment is the first of 5 steps to working safely that the UK government expects duty holders to complete before restarting work, following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Since May 2020, property managers from across the UK have approached RM to outsource their COVID-19 risk assessments. As a result, in the past 4 weeks, RM has conducted over 125 COVID-19 Risk Assessments for Offices, Shops, Cafes, Retail Parks, Industrial Estates and Shopping Centres.

RM’s new ‘Return to Work’ COVID-19 Risk Assessment Service is the perfect solution for businesses that want to outsource their COVID-19 risk assessment to a third party consultancy. It is based upon the latest UK government guidance covering Office and Contact Centres & Shops and Branches.

Key areas covered:

The key areas covered within the assessment are:

  • Staff Welfare
  • Social Distancing
  • Sanitation
  • Collaboration

How to Book a COVID-19 risk assessment:

  1. To book a ‘Return to Work’ COVID-19 Risk Assessment for a property, you should contact RM with property details and obtain a quote.
  2. Upon receipt of a purchase order, the RM Scheduling team will make contact to book a suitable date for access.
  3. Then, a competent H&S assessor will attend site to visibly inspect the workplace and survey the COVID-19 risk, whilst engaging with duty holders.

What’s included:


An optional signage solution is included within the cost of each visit, so that social distancing and sanitation signs can be properly installed by a qualified H&S Consultant.

Risk Assessment, Record & Recommendation

Following the site visit, RM provides clients with a PDF copy of the ‘Return to Work’ COVID-19 Risk Assessment document. This highlights existing control measures and recommends additional controls that duty holders need to put in place before restarting work. The PDF also includes a visual record of any signage installed. This means that duty holders & managers can assure staff, contractors, customers and authorities that they’ve done everything reasonably practicable to ensure safety from the threat of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Web ApplicationAccess to HASAD Web Application

After the assessment, there is sometimes a need for duty holders to assign tasks and manage actions with their team. RM gives their clients access to an easy to use cloud based app called HASAD, to help with this. HASAD or (Health And Safety Advisory Database) can be used to manage risk across multiple users and properties meaning it’s easy to keep track of things. The cost of HASAD is included within the cost of each assessment.

Additional Support

Finally, RM offers one hour’s consultancy support with each assessment. The team are there to answer any questions that may arise and support their customers in achieving peace of mind.

Limited slots available

The RM COVID-19 risk assessment service is available nationwide but spaces are limited.

To Book a site visit now and secure this Quick, Easy, Affordable & Independent COVID19 Risk Assessment solution or to enquire about RM’s fire safety, health & safety, water hygiene and asbestos assessment services, please call us on 01212360642 or send us a message by clicking here.





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