Fire Door Inspection: Why Choose RM Risk Management?

Fire Door Inspection


Choosing a risk management firm isn’t easy, is it?

In fact, the task is made harder simply because risk management is so easily misunderstood.

Take fire door inspection, for instance. Do you really need an ongoing partnership with a risk management firm to keep on top of something like that?

As it turns out, you do.


The benefits of HASAD

If you ask RM Risk Management to carry out a fire door inspection, you’ll gain free access to the Health And Safety Advisory Database (otherwise known as HASAD).

It’s actually a year’s free license to HASAD, which includes an online repository for your health and safety documentation, the ability to view KPIs on risk status and use interactive reports to monitor your company’s HSE performance.

However, before this, we’ll even provide a free one hour’s check of your fire doors to give you an indication of where you sit, safety-wise.


How regularly should you have a fire door inspection?

When it comes to fire doors, there are no specific rules, other than the advice that it should be done ’regularly’.

As far as we’re concerned, that means annually. Remember – a lot can happen to a fire door in that time, such as:

  • inadvertent damage;
  • intumescent strip failure;
  • hinge wear (leading to excessive gaps); and
  • loose glazing.

Even if your fire doors have been passed by building control, that won’t have included a full, detailed inspection. More importantly, the responsibility for providing a safe building (in which fire doors play a vital role) doesn’t lie with the building inspector – it’s all on you, the owner.


But, what if I know how the doors need to be repaired?

If you’re confident that you know what needs to be done to fix your fire doors, you might be wondering why a survey is required.

There are many reasons. For instance, a full fire door survey undertaken by a competent person will identify any problems that exist and reveal how to resolve them in a compliant manner.

Similarly, you’ll end up with an established asset list for the doors that reside in your building, which makes checking and maintaining them in the future far easier.

This is important, because not all doors in a building need to be fire doors, and without a detailed inspection report to hand, you could end up wasting time maintaining doors that don’t need to be compliant.


What happens during a fire door survey?

Fire door surveys are far-reaching and best carried out by experienced professionals.

Typically, the following will be inspected:

  • door leaf
  • door frame
  • door closer (on self-closing devices)
  • hinges
  • intumescent strips and cold smoke seals
  • glazing
  • all locks and levers (or handles)
  • fire safety signage
  • hold open devices
  • gaps around the doors and thresholds
  • panic hardware devices for external fire exit doors

That list is actually non-exhaustive! We go far deeper when required.

There really is no way to do this kind of detailed, far-reaching inspection yourself, which is why it’s so important to call in a team who can do it for you.


So, why is RM Risk Management better than the rest?

Now that we’ve established the importance of a professionally carried-out fire door inspection, why would you choose RM Risk Management over anyone else?

Beyond our friendly service and countless years of combined experience, we think our reports are among the most detailed and easy to understand on the market. In fact, we know this is the case, because they’re widely regarded as being just that.

We know how important it is for our clients to understand the overall condition of their fire doors. That’s why we don’t bombard them with technical jargon and acronyms.

This also means that any remedial work required can be quoted for far easier by the contractor working from our report, rather than having to visit the premises.

If you want to find out more about our fire door inspection service, just get in touch with the RM team, today.

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